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A gallery of example particle effects. Click on the images to see full-size versions of the images. You can and should download the TPE files and their textures in a zip file, as all of these are more interesting in motion.

Arrow Volley A volley of arrows. The arrows are launched from a line on the bottom edge of the effect with an initial acceleration, and use a constant gravitational force to pull them down. A small amount of random variation in the initial direction gives a convincing separation during flight.
A candle flame effect achieved with additive blending of a reddish-orange texture. As multiple particles accumulate the reddish-orange it saturates into a white core to the flame. The particles are set to die off after two seconds, and steadily shrink over that time period. Candle
Sprinkler The standard particle system example, a sprinkler or fountain. The particles are emitted from a small region at the base nearly straight up, then subjected to a constant gravitational force and a negative line attractor force along the axis of the sprinkler, which creates a spreading motion. The particles are oriented with their direction of movement and use a texture that gives a line-like effect.
A variation on the sprinkler, the spark shower simply starts halfway up one of the edges of the effect and uses a much more random initial force. Spark Shower
Flurry The flurry effect uses a vertical line attractor to pull an initially perpendicular particle stream into orbit. A small constant upward force causes the flurry to grow upward.
A slower, tighter version of the flurry, the vortex is my personal favorite. Vortex
Firework A firework effect achieved with a completely random initial direction combined with a gravity force. By setting the minimum and maximum update counts equal the system is forced to create all of the particles at once, over and over.

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