RoffView Gallery

A 3D Sphere
A simple sphere, displayed in shaded mode.
A Wireframe 3D Mushroom
Wireframe models are displayed in the color specified for the outside of the model.
A Transparent 3D Mushroom
The Java version of RoffView allows separate specification of the alpha channel for a transparency effect.
A 3D Dragon's Head
The Painter's Algorithm painting, although not perfect, provides reasonable results in most cases.
A Transparent 3D Dragon's Head
With transparency on, the polygons behind the foremost polygons can be seen through the model.
A 3D Space Station, as Points
Point display mode allows complex models to be very quickly rotated and zoomed, because fewer calculations need to be made per frame. This model contains 5,749 verticies.
A 3D Space Station, as
Wireframe display mode shows the full model, although it is noticably slower for models this large. This model contains 4,983 polygons, with 20,203 edges. RoffView trims out duplicated edges, so only the 10,704 unique edges in the model need to be drawn.
A 3D Space Station, Shaded
Flat shaded display mode tessellates the model into triangles, illuminates each triangle separately, and paints the triangles from back to front. The tessellated mesh created by the C++ and Java versions for this model consists of 10,237 triangles. This image shows the flaws in the simplistic tessellation method used by the C++ and Java versions. The "solar panel" fins on the lower end have been filled in by error, because the polygons that form their outside edges cannot be correctly handled by the algorithm used.
A 3D Space Station, Shaded in
The OpenGL version of RoffView uses the OpenGL tessellator, which can correctly handle the "solar panel" polygons. Gouraud (smooth) shading is also shown in this image.
The Surface and Lighting Dialog for
the Java version of RoffView
The control dialog for setting the parameters for the Phong illumination model used to illuminate the model. The preview panel is raycast, and updates dynamically as settings are changed.
A Smoothed Torus-like
shape, as Wireframe with Hidden Lines Removed
When viewing a wireframe with hidden lines removed, every triangle from the tessellation, from back to front, is painted in the background color, then outlined in the color the triangle would have been filled with in shaded mode. This erases obscured triangles, leaving the appearance of a wireframe without any hidden lines. This image also demonstrates the anti-aliasing functionality, using Java's built-in anti-aliasing line-drawing.
The Word Ryan in 3D, Lit
By Red, Green, and Blue Lights
This image is an example of an OFF file with per-vertex colors specified in the file. It is displayed in RoffViewGL with lighting disabled, and backward facing faces culled. Smooth shading blends the per-vertex colors within the faces. The vertex colors in the file were calculated using radiosity techniques, in a different program.
The Word RoffView in 3D,
Lit by Blue and Purple Lights
This image shows the effect of combining the lighting with a radiosity-calculated per-vertex colored OFF file. The effect is quite pretty, although not very realistic.

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