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OFF Files

Cube OFF File

Most of my 3D graphics programs use OFF files for input and/or output. The file format is used by the Unix program Geomview, and the name stands for Object File Format. The file format details as described by Geomview are locally archived here.

Sample Code

When I was a teaching assistant for an Introduction to Computer Graphics course at ASU, I wrote sample code for loading and saving OFF files within the Visual C++/MFC framework. The sample code only reads and writes the simplest type of OFF file and is intended as a first step for students that will be writing their own code to handle the creation of data structures appropriate for their own needs. Each text document briefly explains the code, then shows the code as fit into the Serialize function of the MFC Doc class.

OFF Datafiles

The OFF files available here are assumed to be public domain. Many are those that are packaged with Geomview as samples. Most of the rest of the files here were created by myself. These are freely available for use.


The following websites contain collections of OFF files:

The following programs of mine on use or work with OFF files

The following websites contain programs that work with OFF files:

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