Vorpal Background

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Vorpal was created as a final project for the VizProto class at Arizona State University. I took the class in the spring of 2003 with Professors Dan Collins and Anshuman Razdan. The VizProto class explores the relationships between computer-aided visualization and rapid-prototyping technology and the visual and tactile arts. A program that I was then in the process of developing for my Master's thesis had the potential to create the watertight triangle-mesh STL files needed by rapid-prototyping machines, but was very complex. Vorpal is a greatly simplified and stream-lined version of that program, tightly focused on making the creation process as easy and intuitive as possible. I believe that it fully meets those goals.

Version History

Version 1.3 - Added Intersection operation for brush. This effectively removes parts of the model that are not within the current brush. (10/2/03)

Version 1.2 - Added ability to reflect brush or workspace along an axis. Fixed very minor bugs. (9/24/03)

Version 1.1 - Added OFF export. Added customized icons. Tweaked screenshot code. (8/27/03)

Version 1.0 - Initial release of final project. (4/29/03)

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